Our aim...

…is to inspire the next generation of children to play traditional music with some of Scotland’s leading musicians and tutors. 

No previous experience of music is required, just an enthusiastic attitude and willingness to take part.

From complete beginners to more advanced players, Feis has something for everyone.

Fèis Dates 2018

17th February
17th March
21st April
12th May

Summer Break

15th September
17th November

Join in!


Can be difficult at first but it won't take long before you'll be playing tunes with others


You'll be playing chords within minutes! Give it a try.


An incredibly versatile instrument - great for solo and group playing.


Versatile, portable and so cool. You're just a few chords away from playing with others


Great starter instrument. You'll soon be playing tunes!


You can make such a beautiful sound straight away; so relaxing.


Get into the groove! Loads of percussion instruments to choose from